Choosing the Wedding Disc Jockey

If you have understood the importance of a good disc jockeys los angeles, then now comes at least a part, finding it. And it takes a little looking in and the effort is worth the effort. It would be advisable not to go on the easy way, relying on advertising and other third hand references. Instead, you can ask the banquet manager for some of the respected banquet facilities in your area for some jockey refferals drive. It is important that you have the best jockey drive you can find, this is not the area to cut your budget. Book your jockey for your wedding at least one year in advance to make sure you have the best.

Once you have made a list of possible drive jockeys you should interview each of them and ask questions before you start selling yourself. Here is a list of questions to ask.

– Ask about years of experience as a jockey drive;
– Ask about the type of experience, wedding or club;
– Ask if there are backup jockey drives;
– Ask if the person you are interviewing is a jockey on the CD that will be at your wedding, and if not, ask to meet the actual jockey on the CD;
– CD jockeys range from quiet to “off the wall”, so make sure you ask about their interaction with the audience;
– Ask the CD jockey what he will wear at the weddingFeature Articles, “tuxedos” should be the answer;
– Ask about the kind of music and how they intend to please everyone;
– Ask if they play guest requests and keep requests in good taste and in the atmosphere of the party;

This is a lot of work, but it is a very important part of the wedding, so make sure you and your fiancé are sure you have chosen a jockey from the wedding plate.

What is a “Good DJ”?

Please note that there are different types of DJs and different reasons to have them. Remember that a DJ is simply anyone who plays pre-recorded music for an audience.

This can include any number of subsets of the term “DJ”…… radio DJ, DJ club, DJ wedding DJ, guy who is responsible for playing melodies at your home party….. anything… whatever. All “DJs” in the modern sense of the word.

And yet I still see people who judge other DJs according to the wrong criteria……. like a techno DJ who can’t scratch, or a wedding DJ who can’t beatmix.

Let’s look at it from a perspective and consider another example: a web developer. There are many different types of people with many different skill sets that can be covered by this umbrella. I’ve seen people who can barely encode their output from a cardboard box that are incredible in creating web front-ends and are excellent in their work because of their competence with other development tools.

On the other hand, I know some extreme scraper codes that can do amazing things behind the scenes, but I have absolutely no good idea of how well designed a website should “flow”.

Both of these people have market skills and undeniable talent…… they just do different things. It is not fair for us to judge an artistic web designer on the basis of his ability to crank hundreds of database queries and present it with the utmost efficiency, just as it is not fair for us to judge an intelligent web developer on the basis of his ability to “direct the eye” to the end user’s subtle directing them to useful parts of the site.

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